A Guide on Perfect Binding of your Book

A Guide on Perfect Binding of your Book

December 15, 2012 1:55 am 619 comments

Why is it important to bind a book?

A perfect binding of a book would determine its durability. If a book is not used in a proper manner, there are high chances that of it being damaged or losing its pages. People prefer to bind the books if they want to preserve them for a long time. Binding of a book basically means to cover and protect the front, back, and the spine of the book in a way that the pages compiled beneath it are protected and remain attached to them. Without this protection, there is a high probability of the pages getting withered, become lose, crumple and get damaged due to dust and other factors. People might have noticed that without the binding, the book may only last for a less time span but the quality of the binding also determines how much the book and its covers can survive. If the quality is not good, this binding can only benefit the book and the person for less duration, which is the main reason why a perfect binding should be used to protect the book.

What are the different types of binding?

Even in ancient times, the importance of binding was realized which can be seen from the efforts that people had made to protect their old books. It is mostly due to good binding that a lot of books which were several hundred years old are still preserved and used even today. Had they not been given proper binding, they would have been damaged after only few years. The different types of binding includes hardcover binding, punch and binding, thermally activated binding, stitched or sewn binding and all these can be the perfect binding for any book.

Quality of binding

A good quality of binding would mean that the person does not have to incur high costs of maintenance once they have ensured that the quality is good. Even though this type of binding might result in higher cost for the person but no further costs would be faced and also, they would not have to change the binding again and again. The poor quality of binding is not a good  option and even though people might be attracted towards the cheap prices that are offered but they should also know that they might have to incur problems and higher maintenance costs in future if they are unable to select the perfect binding for their book.

How to select the best binding

There are various shops, which offer the services of binding the books. People can thus first search on the internet about the best binding shops that are nearest to the place where they live. They should also search for the prices that they offer and the type and quality of binding that they do. If there are reviews and comments available for these shops, this can help a person decide whether they would be able to get hold of the perfect binding for their book or not.

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